Conflict & Beyond

Journey through Conflict is a carefully facilitated process of exploring difference and deepening understanding. While we adapt the process we offer to individuals and groups to meet the specific needs of participants there are a number of key, interwoven strands...

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Youth & Beyond

Working with young people is energising, valuable and much needed work, we are committed to working in partnership with individuals and organisations, to develop programmes and processes that seek to create meaningful and genuine experiences for young people.

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Development & Beyond

Beyond Walls is passionate about supporting communities in their own development. We provide various kinds of support work as people try to improve lives and create better places to live. All Beyond Walls support is provided specific to the needs of your community and will be tailored to meet your particular requirements and budget...

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We Value High Standards

We work constantly, and with humility, towards achieving the highest possible standards.

We Value Integrity

Each person connected to BW values their personal and professional integrity and we strive to live this way.

We value safety and risk

We value protected, risk accommodating spaces. While we cultivate protected space we encourage participants to take careful risks. We don’t ask people to give of themselves, things that we aren’t prepared to give ourselves.

We value reflective practice

We are committed to ongoing learning, and remain responsive to the needs of those we work with.