Journey Through Conflict

As part of our commitment to support the transformation of destructive ways of dealing with conflict and difference, Beyond Walls offer the following services:

The main focus of our Conflict and Beyond facilitation service is the Journey through Conflict process. We are flexible and creative in the way we adapt the key features of this process – sharing life experiences (storytelling), deep dialogue and nature-based activities – to the needs of the particular group we work with. Trail Cover 2
We typically work with groups of 12-15 people over a period of time and on a multi-residential basis. Examples of this application of Journey through Conflict include the Ballynafeigh Interdependence Champions project in South Belfast and the Sustainable Peace Network project. We have worked with groups of around 30 people (supporting, for example, the Dealing with Difference strand within Washington Ireland Youth Leadership Programme). We have also worked with up to a 100 people (supporting the British Council’s US-Europe networking project).

We offer a 5 day version of the Journey through Conflict process as an experiential learning, residential module for graduate students and practitioners.

This type of module has been offered between 2008 and 2011 as part of the INCORE (International Conflict Research)(University of Ulster) Summer School (;

From 2010 this module has taken the shape of a “Conflict Transformation Practice” module within the M.Phil in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Trinity College, Dublin. For more information see the 2012 syllabus see: Conflict Transformation – syllabus BW, Trinity & ISE


Previous participants have come from all backgrounds across Northern Ireland and internationally.  Organisations we have worked with using the Journey Through Conflict process include;

  • Clones Community Forum – Republic of Ireland
  • Ballynafeigh Community Development Association – Belfast
  • Parents Circle – Israel/Palestine
  • Tear Fund – London (Zimbabwe refugees)

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Comments from past participants:

Before embarking on this programme I had become highly disillusioned with the reality of reconciliation work and the possibility of any form of progress in a conflict setting. However through this process of ‘Journey through Conflict’, I gained the realisation that the potential exists to develop relationships among those most affected by conflict, that could transcend what had gone before. This realisation reignited a passion within me for this work.”

I went away with a feeling that there is such diversity in this group, but also much honesty… a sense of hope for the future and a willingness to deal with the past. The aftermath of conflict is so huge. This project is just the start of a process.”

The physical challenges involved in the experience gave me a sense of achievement, time to interact in a non threatening way while taking in an inspiring setting.”

I was challenged mentally in hearing other stories and experiences [which] allowed me to move outside my comfort zone of believing that we were ‘right’.”

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