Community Development

Beyond Walls is passionate about supporting people to develop their communities, build capacity and create processes to empower local people. Whether nurturing a new community organisation, creating a programme to build the capacity of people, delivering training to measure the value and impact of current services, or developing a strategic plan, a wide range of services can be provided.

All Beyond Walls support is provided specific to the needs of your community and will be tailored to meet your particular requirements and budget.

Some examples of the services we offer include:

  • Strategic Planning for Community groups.
  • Engagement planning – how to better connect with people in your community.
  • Development of projects and programmes in your community.
  • Evaluation of programmes and activities.
  • Training & Development for committees and volunteers.
  • Rickterscale Training, using the innovative tool the Rickterscale, method used to measure and evidence impact, soft outcomes and distance-travelled by people using community services.

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For more information contact Louise
or call: 07980924424